We're always looking for contributions and guest posts on The Online Rule.

The best stories for us concern how football teams - at any level, in any country - are using digital tools to engage with their fans. This is often called 'fan engagement', but it's a very wide-ranging topic.

We're also interested in behind the scenes stories of campaigns. If you work for a football team or an agency and have a story to tell about a successful piece of work, with tangible real-world results, then we'd love to hear from you.

A lot of the site's readers work in football and are looking for inspiration for their team's next big activation. Finding out what works, and doesn't work, is key for people with limited marketing budgets.

And, finally, they come to us to read about the latest developments and features in social media. If something is changing on social media, and you know what this means for the way teams engage with their fans, then we'd love to hear about it.

Think of us as The Athletic for sports marketing: quality reporting that you can't get anywhere else. No clickbait, and no SEO-driven pieces.

If in doubt, have a look through the past few years of articles for inspiration. And, if in doubt, you're more than welcome to get in touch.

Send any feature ideas or pitches to They don't have to be perfect, and you don't need a portfolio of work behind you to get commissioned.

There are no standard fees for submissions, instead these will be discussed on an individual basis. All submissions will be paid for, and we pay within 24 hours of a completed piece being submitted for publication. We aim to commission two or three pieces a month.

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