Facebook remove ‘inactive’ fans from page likes

25 March 2015, 18:03

Earlier this month Facebook announced that they were updating the way page likes were calculated by removing memorialised and voluntarily deactivated accounts from pages’ like counts. The announcement mentions that admins may see a “small dip” in the number of likes their pages have.

According to Locowise, this is how Premier League clubs are affected:

Crystal Palace -4.67%
Aston Villa -3.30%
Newcastle United -2.43%
West Ham United -2.35%
Tottenham Hotspur -2.20%
QPR -1.92%
Hull City -1.84%
Swansea City -1.43%
Stoke City -1.43%
Leicester City -1.27%
Southampton -0.43%
Sunderland 0.14%
Manchester United 0.14%
Liverpool 0.17%
Arsenal 0.17%
Chelsea 0.21%
Everton 0.25%
West Bromwich Albion 0.32%
Manchester City 0.32%
Burnley 0.96%

The figures above are taken from the six days following 13th March, which is when the process started. As Locowise put it:

The previous week was more of a normal week for the Premier League clubs and their Facebook pages. Only 2 out of 20 clubs lost fans and they only lost 73 fans in total combined that week. That week the whole league gained more than 300,000 fans in total, while last week that number was less than 15,000.

While it’s had a big impact on a few clubs, the fact that the league still has 198,113,924 likes in total across all 20 club pages will soften the blow. Most admins will tell you that it’s engagement which is better, and these figures should be boosted by the removal of these accounts.

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