Man City launch WhatsApp group

4 March 2016, 17:03

In what we think is a footballing first – and certainly a Premier League first – Manchester City have established a WhatsApp group for fans to subscribe to.

The channel will be offering “behind-the-scenes pictures, videos, quizzes and chat on all things City”. Initially it’ll be limited to the first 5,000 people to subscribe, however they promise that they’ll be announcing their expansion plans for it once they hit that total.

The club’s official website had this to say:

Subscribers to the WhatsApp group will be ahead of the game by receiving backstage City content to personalise their phone, watch at leisure, or share with friends.

We’ll make sure your mobile number and details do not get shared with anyone – they’ll only be used so you can join City’s WhatsApp group. And we won’t spam you – you will receive only the best inside City coverage from the exclusive group.

To subscribe, fans need to save +44 7481 345997 in their contacts and send the message “MCFC” to that number on WhatsApp.

We’ve reached out to the club for extra comment about the types of content they’ll be sharing, as well as why they chose to join WhatsApp, and will update this if we get a response.

Update: The group launched on 4 March, however the club hasn’t been seen online since 5 March according to WhatsApp.

Screenshot taken from WhatsApp at 9.30am on 19 March 2016.

Screenshot taken from WhatsApp at 9.30am on 19 March 2016.


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