This time last year I launched The Online Rule’s State of Football Social Media survey. The results made for interesting reading, and now we’re approaching the end of the calendar year it seemed like a good time to start collecting more data to look at in January 2018.

While some of the questions are the same this year – in order to compare results – there are a few new areas such as Stories and paid advertising that I thought it’d be worth exploring. The survey is inspired by Buffer’s own annual State of Social Media report, however they don’t currently feature sport as a sector so I wanted to gather some results that would be interesting to this industry.

In order to make the results useful, the aim is to collect a minimum of 50 responses from marketing staff working at football (soccer) teams from around the world. Once you’ve provided your answers, please share the link with colleagues and peers.

As ever all submissions are anonymous, and the raw data will be released alongside the report in 2018.

The survey is below. If you would prefer, you can also complete it Google Forms.