Charlton admit that CCTV sex footage was a PR stunt

Charlton admit that CCTV sex footage was a PR stunt

Charlton Athletic have admitted that a video released online a few days ago featuring a couple having sex on the team’s pitch was a PR stunt.

The news surfaced a few days ago and was reported as if an actual break-in had occurred at the Valley. After a Vine of the couple went viral on social media – racking up over a million views in the process – the club decided to admit the whole thing was a stunt to announce the news that they’re renting the pitch out over the summer to fans.

Charlton’s Commercial Manager, Mark Hassan-Ali, said:

“We wanted to launch our pitch hire programme with a viral that would make football fans laugh. We released some ‘CCTV’ footage earlier in the week of a young couple on the pitch in a rather amorous situation. We then decided to own up and explain that it was set up by us to launch our pitch hire campaign. The feedback has been great and we can confirm that the young couple will be attending our next home match.”

Under the headline ‘Score at the Valley’, the club are promoting the fact that the pitch is available for hire throughout the summer. There’s plenty of reaction online criticising the club for trying to market themselves in such a crass way, but we doubt they’ll care judging by the amount of coverage they’ve had for the effort over the past few days.