How brands celebrated the World Cup final on Twitter

9 years ago   •   1 min read

By Scott Goodacre

Ever since Oreo gave the world its first ever taste of real time marketing on a global scale, brands have fallen over themselves to have a well-produced graphic or comment ready for those big occasions. This year’s World Cup in Brazil was no different. Below you can see several Tweets sent very close to the final whistle congratulating Germany on their fourth World Cup win, followed by one or two of our favourites.

Nike even used the occasion to repost this clever Vine from a few months ago featuring goalscorer Mario Goetze:

There’s a lot of content out there from brands with less than a passing interest in football who are using big occasions to try and get a bit of social media profile. As you can see from the above though, particularly Lufthansa’s great graphic, sometimes the more understated approaches are best.

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