Huskers open stadium to Pokemon hunters

Huskers open stadium to Pokemon hunters

The Pokemon Go frenzy continues apace on social media, with the Nebraska Huskers opening the doors to their stadium for fans to hunt the augmented reality monsters.

Over 3,700 people passed through the gates of the American football side’s Memorial Stadium in the pursuit of Pokemon. The @Huskers account on Twitter documented the length of the queues before the event had even started.

Hunters were given free reign to use the pitch to try and add more monsters to their collections. The team behind the Huskers’ account streamed the action on both Periscope and Facebook Live, with around 100,000 views across both at the time of writing.

Huskers aren’t the first team to make use of the current craze in their digital marketing efforts, nor do we think they’ll be the last. The app recently launched in the UK so we’re expecting teams here to jump on board over the next few days.

This approach is novel though. Giving fans access to the stadium for a fixed time discourages them from finding a way in, as the team themselves hinted at in their announcement. It also gives the media team some unique and shareable content to work with for a few hours.

a pokemon hunter at the huskers memorial stadium posing with a toy Pikachu on his head