Liverpool become the first Premier League club to launch Tumblr and Pinterest accounts

Photo by Shaun Wong

It’s been a busy month at Anfield. Liverpool, who came out near the top of the social media Premier League table, have set out to cement their place as one of the very best teams in terms of use of online tools by being the first in the English top flight to launch both a Tumblr photoblog and Pinterest account.

In an attempt to help build a sense of importance and belonging amongst their fanbase Liverpool have taken advantage of content created by supporters as well as curating content from the club archives. This has allowed fans to take ownership of these official streams of communication. Additionally the club have also made attempts  to monetise these pages by linking back to the club store. For example via Tumblr supporters can buy prints of the images posted online, whereas on Pinterest several of the pinboards act as galleries of official merchandise.

Simple? It certainly sounds it but the reluctance of clubs to embrace new social media platforms means that Liverpool have stumbled across something truly innovative. If, as hoped, these sites help drive more traffic towards the club store then expect other teams to follow suit.