Man Utd ban tablets at Old Trafford

Man Utd ban tablets at Old Trafford

In our increasingly connected world, Manchester United’s move to ban fans from bringing “large electronic devices including laptops and tablets” into Old Trafford seems a very strange one indeed.

With fan engagement high on the agenda for most clubs – even if the Premier League club only joined Twitter last year – the move to reduce the ways fans can connect to the club while in the stadium seems absurd. The club have posted the following reason for the ban:

[quote text_size=”small”]

In line with UK airports we are reacting to the latest security intelligence. These actions are designed to ensure the continued safety and security of all spectators.


While the reasoning behind the decision appears sound, if these devices are such a big security risk then how come Manchester United are the first club to impose such a ban? We’re also looking forward to stewards carrying tape measures to impose the 1500mm x 1000mm maximum size rule. If you do happen to see any stewards measuring tablets in the ground we’d love a photo of them. As long as it’s not taken on an iPad, of course…