Minnesota United react to viral video of pre-season own goal

7 years ago   •   1 min read

By Scott Goodacre

Minnesota United have responded after a video of a mistake made during a recent game went viral.

During a friendly against Premier League Bournemouth, the NASL side’s goalkeeper Sammy Ndjock gifted the opposition a goal by accidentally throwing the ball into his own net in the 23rd minute.

The video has been shared across Twitter and Vine almost constantly since the game, racking up thousands of views from around the world. Most of the conversation online has centred around how it’s possible for something like this to happen: happily, Minnesota themselves have provided an explanation.

Kudos to the team – and Ndjock himself – for being willing to poke fun at themselves. Over 150,000 people have subsequently watched their reaction, which probably isn’t far from the number who watched the initial own goal itself.

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