MLS hands over Tumblr account to player for one week

MLS hands over Tumblr account to player for one week

Major League Soccer has handed over the reins to its official Tumblr page for one week as part of the build-up to the new season.

Philadelphia Union defender Ethan White – who already has his own regularly updated site on the network – is promising to show “the ins and outs of MLS preseason life from a different angle … hopefully the league won’t notice”.

In the first 24 hours since the updates began Ethan has shared artful shots of teammates going through treatment sessions and spending time in the pool – a side to the game fans rarely see. That Ethan’s a committed photographer already is pretty handy for the league too.

The MLS Tumblr has some good content too: they’ve recently shared a gif of David Villa’s first goal for New York FC, as well as posting some behind-the-scenes photos of LA Galaxy’s visit to the White House.

White’s Tumblr takeover isn’t the only platform they’ve given over to a player as part of their pre-season plans though: Maurice Edu is currently manning the league’s Snapchat account. He’s the latest one in a series of 24 hour takeovers that started on 20th February. You can find the full list of players on the MLS website, where you’ll also find a list of official Snapchat accounts for MLS clubs.