Orient chairman criticises fans via Twitter

Orient chairman criticises fans via Twitter

At season ticket renewal time clubs are often on a sickening charm offensive. It’s also the time when you tend to hear the most about their plans for the future, with players and managers coming out and outlining how excited they are about the future of the club. Pretty standard stuff.

Sadly, no-one told Leyton Orient chairman Barry Hearn, who took to Twitter this afternoon to tell fans who directed boos at the team for only drawing with 17th placed Oldham to “go support another team”. Orient are currently third and could have been two points closer to automatic promotion had they won last night.

Understandably Hearn’s comments have riled a few Orient fans, with this exchange following his original comments:

We think it’s safe that say that this tune might change should they need to shift a few more season tickets over the close season.

While it’s great to see the top people in football using Twitter – and replying to fans – we can’t help but think they need to think more about how they go about communicating with supporters. We can’t think of any chairmen that would excuse players doing something controversial on social media, so the same rules should surely apply to them. No doubt it’ll be an interesting afternoon for the comms team.