Sky's Jim White answers user questions on Vine

8 years ago   •   1 min read

By Scott Goodacre

SkyBet took a slightly different approach to others when it came to answering questions put to deadline day maestro Jim White via their @SkyBet Twitter account – giving the man himself six seconds to answer each question on Vine. Using the hashtag #AskJimWhite, the SkyBet account asked users to submit their questions to be answered in Jim’s inimitable style.

Alongside the more serious questions – Who will win the BPL? and will Blackpool survive? – Jim also gamely answered questions about his favourite TV box sets, as well as choosing his favourite out of Christmas Day and transfer deadline day. Our favourite though, has to be this slightly mesmerising answer (at least when watched on repeat) to the question ‘Why are you so swag?’.

Events such as these only work when brands use their most engaging personalities and give them a suitable platform. Sky are lucky that someone like Jim is a comfortable presenter and evidently has a good sense of humour to embrace some of the more offbeat questions. All of these factors combined made Vine an inspired choice, and brings to life something which could easily have been a lot less exciting if constrained to Twitter’s 140 characters.

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