Sony launch World Cup social network

Sony launch World Cup social network

Sony have taken the move into social content curation ahead of this summer’s World Cup. Called One Stadium Live, the website takes content from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and collects them under specific headlines.

The project is the centrepiece of the brand’s sponsorship of the competition, and aims to unite football fans around the world as the matches unfold. Sony is aiming to make the site the go-to place to judge fan reaction.

All content filtration is automatic and has been developed using technology which Sony claims has been “14 years in the making at MIT”. They’re also billing the platform as the “ultimate 2014 FIFA World Cup social network”. It certainly looks good, and it’ll be interesting to see how widely used it is considering Twitter more or less has the real-time market sewn up and people aren’t used to moving away from the network in search of conversation.

Curation is also an issue, as not all of the tweets which have been picked up by One Stadium Live could be said to be positively reinforcing the brand. The tweet below, for example, shows a less than favourable response to FIFA’s official World Cup song. Some are even less kind than this.

One user wasn't too fond of FIFA's official World Cup song.

One user wasn’t too fond of FIFA’s official World Cup song.

Content quality is an issue faced by all aggregation sites, particularly as there’s now far too much content just on one social network for it all to be selected by hand. We’d imagine it’d be in Sony’s best interests to promote positive content about the competition, so it’ll be interesting to see whether or not content like this appears in future. Considering their press image (at the top of this article) contains a typo we’re not holding out too much hope.