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Sunderland to reward travelling fans with free shirts

Sunderland to reward travelling fans with free shirts

As a thank you for helping them sell out 12 of their 14 away games so far this season, Sunderland are issuing free away shirts to all of their fans who travel to their game this weekend.

Club staff inside the ground will issue each supporter with one of the club’s bright green tops upon arrival. In order to make sure everyone gets their shirt they’re asking fans to arrive a bit earlier than usual – also ensuring everyone wears theirs in order to take part in a photo opportunity.

Before taking in account this weekend’s game against West Ham, over 28,000 Sunderland fans have travelled in excess of 7,000 miles following the club throughout the coming season.

It’s a fantastic gesture to reward their travelling support, and will no doubt lead to plenty of grateful posts across social media for the club to re-purpose during the match.