Thanks to Golden Arrows FC we now know what a manager's resignation letter looks like

7 years ago   •   1 min read

By Scott Goodacre

South African football team Golden Arrows FC announced the resignation of manager Serame Letsoaka in quite a unique manner: by posting a picture of his resignation letter online.

The club obviously decided that the fans needed proof of their managers’ departure and made the entire letter public, with Nigerian journalist Colin Uboh branding the post “irresponsible” on Twitter.

Letsoaka himself has criticised the club for what he deems the “unprofessional” handling of the letter. Citing the decision to post it on Facebook Letsoaka told

I don’t want to comment about my resignation from Golden Arrows except to say that I am shocked that they posted my resignation letter on social network.

The letter has my address and this might cause a lot of implications because there are Golden Arrows supporters that are not happy with my resignation. This is unprofessionalism at its best.

Golden Arrows’ decision to make the resignation letter of their manager public echoes the recent retirement of basketball player Kobe Bryant, who handed out letters to fans who attended his most recent home game for the LA Lakers:

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